Picture of Event: Batsheva Hosts: Brecht by Bret Easterling

Batsheva Hosts: Brecht by Bret Easterling

Batsheva Hosts
Varda Hall, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv (location map)
Tuesday, September 24 2019 21:00
Event duration 60 minutes
Entrance at 20:40

About the show

Brecht is an ambitious evening length solo developed and performed by Bret Easterling as a means to  further the development of his own choreographic voice. Performed amidst a field of microphones, collaborator Maxwell Transue constructs the work's score in real-time, using only the sounds captured during the performance. Seated in the round, the audience will intimately experience the work’s extremely physical and unpredictable nature as Bret seeks authenticity in his movement, punctuated with sincerity, cynicism and exalted joy.

*This work was made possible through the Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Fellowship at Jacobs Pillow, and L.A. Dance Project.
60 min.

Bret Easterling - Performer/Choreographer

Maxwell Transue - Performer/Composer and Music


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